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Suresh Kalmadi,
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Ritesh K Srivastava
The hullabaloo on the mismanagement of Commonwealth Games is increasing each day and also the whole nation looks like it's demanding the resignation of IOA chief Suresh Kalmadi. But the seasoned politician appears to be unperturbed by the allegations of corruption levelled against the Organising Committee (OC) headed by him and it is determined to stayon up until the storm settles.
Kalmadi's reluctance in quitting as OC chief, despite tremendous pressure, is definitely understandable since he'd not want the spotlight to disappear from him,
http://www.farfield-group.com/Flip-Flop.asp, in the event the Delhi Games  his baby  start in October.
Kalmadi has become a long serving sports administrator in your country and the Commonwealth Games are surely the defining moment of his career as a sports administrator. Kalmadi, a few times MP from Pune, is known more for sports than for taking up political issues grappling either his constituency, his state or even the nation.
The person surely offers quite a bit at stake right now and knows that if he walks away only at that juncture, he'd lose every one of the pride and adulation that would come if CWG certainly are a success.
The Congress government can be often unwilling to change horses as of now, remember the reality that the events are only a month away and the majority still has to be done. Albeit, it has appointed Cabinet Secretary KM Chandreshekhar to 'oversee' the preparations for the Delhi Games, apparently buckling being forced.
Ironically, CWG 2010, which needs to be the stepping-stone money for hard times of sports in India, has, in reality, turned into a sordid tale of blatant corruption and shameless lies.
It was thought that success of CWG changes earth's perception about India's capability to hold major international tournaments, though the reports of rampant corruption with the OC has badly tarnished India's reputation and before the start the events.
The siphoning from the a huge selection of crores of tax payers' money by the members of the OC and the various agencies mixed up in preparation for that Games has only exposed the neckdeep corruption that ails our political system.
So, cellular the muck coming out of the CWG saga, must not Kalmadi consider the blame for that alleged wrong doings in the OC headed by him and quit on moral grounds?
Exactly why is the us government of India hesitant in sacking him and appointing an oversight panel to maintain the preparations in the event as demanded by so many parties?
The question here's pertinent since Kalmadi has lost all moral ground to continue as OC chief after his two top officials Jaychandran and TS Darbari were sacked over corruption allegations and also the third, Anil Khanna, the OC treasurer,
flip flop, stepped down voluntarily.
CAG's interim report has pointed for some discrepancies in how through which Organising Committee purchased equipment, awarded contracts for broadcasting rights and sponsorship deals to foreign firms, making clear their dishonesty.
The CAG has also blamed the Games Organising Committee for awarding the sponsorship deal to Melbournebased Sports Marketing and Management (SMAM) at a throwaway price.
The problem has snowballed into a major political controversy as well as a united opposition is currently gunning for Kalmadi's head for bringing disgrace for the nation and has called for a fullfledged investigation into the matter,
flip flop shoe sale. We want to know if Kalmadi really was mindful of the bungling or a party on the underhand dealings with the highprofile members of the OC.
This becomes crucial in light that the those accused within the CW Games mess counseled me Kalmadis handpicked men. With so many scams unearthed a short while ago, it is hard to feel that several OC officials kept plundering the tax payers' money and didn't provide a damn regarding the seriousness from the events and that too if you don't take into confidence their boss Kalmadi. The onus clearly lies on him since he has been the nation's pointman for CWG preparations. As the head in the CWG OC, it had been his job to make sure that things fall in right place, so he cannot just shy away from utilizing the blame for alleged wrong doings. He has to step down are available out clean to prove that they got no share with the booty.
However, as the drama unfolded the thing that was more shocking would have been to begin to see the stoic silence maintained from the Congress party and Pm Manmohan Singh on the CWG mess. Apparently our honourable Pm has made it a habit of keeping mum over controversial issues.
The us government really should have acted earlier along with the Pm should have created a statement around the matter clearing doubts about his government's intentions. Had this been done, it might have saved the federal government from the embarrassment stemming from Oppositions' allegations of shielding corrupt officials.
The Congress high command sacked one of its key ministers, Shashi Tharoor, after his name figured within the IPL scam. However, the party is mum on Kalmadi's issue.
Could it be as a consequence of fear that sacking its MP Kalmadi will bring about more skeletons tumbling out and open a can of worms to the party?
Whichever way relative it is, complete thing . the Delhi Games to become a super success and combine glory on the country's name however in the method, the culprits mustn't be spared for plundering the useful nation for their selfish pleasure. chief mr suresh kalmadi may be delayed . as allegations happen to be framed against kalmadi nevertheless it entirely possible that the us government is about the back of him . the most important scan which has been unearthed has rocked the indians and indian parliament .
all said and done, the spate of corruption, financial mismanagement and such other acts of dishonesty and disloyalty on the country, the necessity of the hour is that chairman oc, cwg suresh kalmadi should quit voluntarily, upholding his moral values. in the beginning, suresh kalmadi a sitting lok sabha mp must not happen to be made overall incharge of the cwg organising committe. a non controversial, preferably a retired senior officer in the defence forces needs to have been entrusted using the job of running the cwg.Related articles: