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cards base on the victims,nike free run 2,an was from the northeastern state of Tamaulipas and mulberry sack outlet the pink nike atmosphere max other from the southern state of Oaxaca.
A threatening information found taped to the TV station's door peruse Moron and his Inter retaliate an manifest reference apt the regional police,nike free run 2, known as the intermunicipal. nike wind max uk second information bottom invisible amid the clothing of an of the victims peruse are present folk and this namely going to occur apt everyone. Marquez refused to speculate aboard the meaning of the messages alternatively who Moron might wind max uk be.
He did mention is the slain men appeared apt be two more victims of war is namely going aboard among groups dedicated apt illicit activities,shop jordan, a reference to ongoing clashes between drug groups is already have alleged eight lives among Veracruz this month.
Mexico has buy celine bag competent a wag mart celine bag of drug-trafficking-related violence as cartels fight as turf and respond apt a nationwide allied crackdown aboard organized crime ordered pink nike wind max according President Felipe Calder assailants last week ambushed and killed three police officers investigating a guilt surrounded the mulberry bags cheap city of Boca del Rico,cheap jordans,approximate Veracruz,jordans for sale,about 300 kilometers (190 miles) east of Mexico City.
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President Flip Flop Rides Again
It appears like President Flip Flop has received his Quaker Oats today. Forget the adamant proclamations, within the last couple of days, that they will "stay the course" in Iraq, the Associated Press now reports that plans come in the whole shebang to enhance the number of troops, currently at 144,000, within the occupied land, and also set a rather amorphous "timeline" for your Shiiteled government to consider control. The announcement was developed, at "a rare news conference," written by General Casey, only hours ago. forces, internally and outdoors Iraq, will likely be utilized to "improve basic services for your population." Oh, yes,
cheap filp, so we truly realize just how much a good American,
flip flop, and "coalition" forces has "improved" services in Baghdad, and also throughout Iraq, since Saddam was ousted, and the country occupied. Good news comes lower than One day after Tony Snow announced that this president has decided not to change, mind you, but to "adjust" its current strategy with regard to ending the occupation. officials just announced, there was clearly news that there's now a broad timeframe for that Iraqis to consider over their country's military operation. Specifics, and logistics, were also notably absent when it comes to the way the Shiiteled government is to achieve their objectives in time for the American and coalition forces to travel home. In spite of this, Casey insists that this Iraqi military will probably be "completely capable" of managing the country inside of Two years, but that "some amount of support" from American forces is going to be neaded for at least another 1 . 5 years after that. (AP)
Hmmmmm. you think this decision could have connected with the truth that, while Ford Motor Company posted a whopping $5.8 billion third quarter decrease in sales, major defense contractors like United Technologies boast of a muscular, indeed bionic third quarter profit? An early wartime president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, once said: "I don't wish to visit a single war millionaire created in america because of this world disaster." Oh, FDR couldn't survive a cheerful camper were he to find out about what number of billionaires the socalled "War on Terror" has produced, to date, lots of whom we never hear. Each of us understand the Ken Lays, and Jeffrey Skilling, we do not read about Halliburton CEO,
flip flop shoe sale, David Lesar, who had previously been paid $26.6 million this past year alone regardless of the ongoing scandals about his company's contracts in Iraq. Moreover, Lesar earned nearly $50 million since 9/11.
The mainstream media is conspicuously quiet, too, in regards to the facts and figures behind that's achieving the best money from this president's "War on Terror." Based on a serious study from the groups United for the Fair Economy, and also the Institute for Policy Studies,
http://www.farfield-group.com/Flip-Flop.asp, the very best paid defense executive is United Technologies' Boss George David, who earned nearly $88 million this past year. DHB Industries, hugely lucrative bulletproof vest maker, founder and chief executive, David H. Brooks, received $70 million salary a year ago. Also, in 2005, defense contractor CEO pay was 44 times what military general with Two decades of know-how, and 308 times that of an army private. Missing in action, too, are reports that, since 9/11, the most notable 34 defense contractors in Iraq decide to make twice whatever they earned in the pre9/11 time period of 19982001. In addition, over the past Five years, the very best 34 defense CEOs, in the study sample group, pocketed $984 million, enough to support higher than a million Iraqis for a whole year.
Some may think that this sudden change of heart, by the commanderinchief, is proof of a newfound propensity for
flip flopping about "staying the course" in Iraq, and anywhere else on the globe that he exploit for money in the name of exporting democracy. Others, however, notice differently, and think the sudden decision to generate a "timeline," however ambigious, is usually about "luring the Sunni establishment outside the violence and in to the political process." (AP) Still, in light of the nearly a billion dollars pocketed by CEOs of defense contracting firms, there might be little question that any talk of "timelines" for withdrawal is certainly not greater transparent smokescreen, and attempt to pull the wool over Iraqi and American eyes only two weeks before an important midterm election through which, appears to be investigation into this war is justifiably ordered, we may well see more CEO defense contractors who, like Skilling and Lay, get caught using their hands within the cookie jar.
So, before he sits down to another game of Monopoly, or comes back inside the saddle, and goes the place to find his ranch in Texas, in '08, you'll be able to bet your bottom beeper until this president will see into it that his pals Dick, and Donald don't need to bother about social security either. You can even bet, judging by the obscene profits of defense contractors in Iraq, in addition to their grossly overpaid chief executives, if General Casey's estimates of the way long our troops must remain, in Iraq, to complete up the job are conservative, while they most likely are, the kind of Halliburton and United Technologies will figure out a way to hang around Baghdad as long as possible, and well in the second term from a new president.Related articles: