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500 value of necklaces from Kmart
Deputies are searching as two men who they said stole extra than $1,500 value of necklaces from a Brandon nike free shoes Kmart.
Surveillance video released by jordan shoes cache deputies shows nike air max the two suspects walking into the Kmart on West Brandon Boulevard aboard October 12. The men walked to the Pearl counter, and an of the men forced the display case open bargain jordan shoes and removed five chains, which deputies said are valued by $1,590.
The guess who took the necklaces put them amid his pocket, and the two men walked out of air max 90 the cache One of the men got into a pearly nike atmosphere max 2013 oldermodel SUV and air max 90 picked jordan shoes online up the additional man, who had left the storage along the garden centre deputies said.
The suspects are described as sixfoottall pearly men with huge builds and lowcut hair. One man was wearing a ruddy shirt, nike climate max an blue cheap jordan shoes sale jeans and red and black shoes. The other was wearing African and gray shorts nike free run 2 and has a tattoo on his left leg.
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